If you're thinking this watch is a bit of an oddity for the Franck Muller line, you're right

Now that history of all-gold fluted bezels is broken or, for a more positive spin, expanded with the 2022 Rolex Day-Date 36 platinum and Rolex Day-Date 40 platinum watches. 36 (count me in) have no doubt noticed in the 2019 Day-Date 36 update that the platinum variant of the smaller model has been discontinued. Well, the Day-Date 40 is finally joined once again by a Day-Date 36 in platinum…As the chronograph function is central to the Triple Scale Chronograph, it is quite impressive. Not only is it a double split-second (rattrapante) chronograph, but it is moved to replica watches the back of the watch for added functionality. It's actually pretty smart because the features on the back are rarely used, but they're there when you need them, and it's probably not that important to take your watch off when using those features.

Rear features include: a tachymeter scale (measures speed), heart rate monitor (measures pulse), and rangefinder (measures distance).Inside the watch is the manually wound Franck Muller caliber 7002 with a power reserve of about 42 hours. If you buy this watch, you get a custom rotor iwc replica made of platinum. Despite the fact that the watch face is off-center, you get a clear dial with an auxiliary second hand. The case of the watch is actually steel, which will keep the price of the watch a bit low, although it will come at a high luxury cost. Of course, both crystals are sapphire and the watch is water resistant to 20 meters (not much).

The obvious "instrument" aspect of the watch is something new, and is probably a subtle suggestion by Franck Muller that watches are tools meant to be used and have a functional component that is more important than the mere appearance of the watch. Let's hope the message gets through.