Replica Franck Muller Triple Scale Chronograph Ratappante Ref. 8883 watch

This is the first new Franck Muller watch in a long time, which makes sense since the watchmaker has had to lay off people due to reduced demand. Developing just a few watches is very expensive, especially with a manufacturer like Franck Muller. They don't just get a movement from ETA and build a replica watches around it, they build their own movement, or have one made for them. This with the physical design of the watch takes years and is a great investment. For a watch manufacturer to stay in the spotlight, they need to release new watches on a regular basis, unless they want people to think they are going under. Well Franck Muller is not going under and this new Triple Scale Chronograph Ratappante Ref. 8883 watch.

While the look of the watch is familiar to the typical barrel-shaped cases Franck Muller is known for, the design and functionality of the watch are quite unique. This watch has a lot going on both front and back, and it all revolves around the chronograph functions. Actually, instead of being extravagant and flashy, this watch is almost a pure vintage instrument. The watch face itself is smaller and positioned at the bottom center of the face, looking quite tool-like (something you'd probably assume is on a Sinn or Panerai watch).

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